tangle, braid, plaiting, esp.

  1. the matted hair as worn by ascetics (see jatila) Snp.249; Dhp.241, Dhp.393; Ja.i.12 (ajina +); Ja.ii.272
  2. the tangled branches of trees Ja.i.64
  3. (fig.) the tangle of desire, lust SN.i.13 = SN.i.165.
  • -aṇḍuva (= ˚andu?) a chain of braided hair, a matted topknot SN.i.117;
  • -ājina braided hair & an antelope’s hide (worn by ascetics) Snp.1010 (˚dhara), cp. above Ja.i.12;
  • -dharaṇa the wearing of matted hair MN.i.282.

B.Sk. jatā