adjective miserable, painful, troubled wretched AN.iv.283; Snp.574; Ja.ii.136; Ja.iv.113 = Ja.vi.17; Pv.iv.1#21 (= Pv-a.229 dukkha)
■ adv. kasirā (abl.) with difficulty Ja.v.435; -kasirena (instr.) DN.i.251; MN.i.104; SN.i.94; Vin.i.195; Ja.i.338; Ja.iii.513. ; without pain easy, comfortable Ja.vi.224 (= niddukkha); -lābhin obtaining without difficulty (f˚ inī AN.iv.342) in formula akicchalābhī akasiralābhī etc. MN.i.33; SN.ii.278; AN.i.184; AN.ii.23, AN.ii.36; AN.iv.106; Ud.36; Pp.11, Pp.12.

  • -ābhata amassed with toil and difficulty (of wealth Ja.v.435;
  • -vuttika finding it hard to get a livelihood AN.i.107 = Pp.51.

Probably fr. Vedic kṛcchra, the deriv. of which is uncertain