1. with loc.: to be uncertain, unsettled, to doubt (syn. vicikicchati with which always combined). Kaṅkhati vicikicchati dvīsu mahāpurisa-lakkhaṇesu DN.i.106 is in doubt and perplexity about (Bgh’s gloss, patthanaṃ uppādati DN-a.i.275, is more edifying than exact.) = Snp.107; na kankhati na vicikicchati SN.ii.17 = SN.iii.135; kankheyya vicikiccheyya SN.ii.50, SN.ii.54; SN.iii.122; SN.v.225 (corr. khankheyya!) SN.v.226; same with Satthari kankheyya dhamme sanghe˚ sikkhāya˚ AN.iv.460 = AN.v.17 = MN.i.101 = Dhs.1004 cp. Dhs.1118.
  2. with acc.: to expect, to wait for, to look forward to. Kālaṃ k. to abide one’s time, to wait for death SN.i.65 (appiccho sorato danto k. k. bhāvito (so read for bhatiko) sudanto); Snp.516 (id. with bhāvito sadanto); Iti.69 (id. bhāvitatto)
    ■ Ja.v.411 (= icchati), Ja.vi.229 (= oloketi). pp. kaṅkhita SN.iii.99; Snp.540 (+ vicikicchita);
    inf kaṅkhituṃ SN.iv.350 = SN.iv.399 (+ vicikicchituṃ).

Sk. kāṅkṣ cp. śaṅk, Lat. cunctor