only applied to a horse shaking, a shaker, racer (esp. as java AN.i.287), fig. of purisa at Anguttara passages. Described as bold and hard to manage AN.iv.190 sq.; as a horse which cannot be trusted and is inferior to an ājānīya (a thoroughbred AN.v.166. Three kinds at AN.i.287 sq. = AN.iv.397 sq. In expl. of vaḷavā (mare) at Ja.i.180 = sindhavakule ajāto khalunk’asso; as vaḷavā khaḷunkā Ja.i.184
■ Der khaluṅkatā in a˚, not shaking, steadiness Vv-a.278.

adj. fr. khala in caus. sense of khaleti, to shake. In formation = khalanga → khalanka → khalunka, cp kulūpaka for kulūpaga