an enclitic particle of affirmation & emphasis indeed, really, surely; in narration: then, now (cp kira); in question: then, perhaps, really. Def. as adhikār’ antara-nidassan’ atthe nipāto Kp-a.113 as avadhāraṇaṃ (affirmative particle) Pv-a.11, Pv-a.18
■ A few of its uses are as foll.: abhabbo kho Vin.i.17 pasādā kho DN.ii.155. After pron.: mayhaṃ kho Ja.i.279; ete kho Vin.i.10; idaṃ kho ibid.; so ca kho Ja.i.51; yo kho MN.i.428
■ After a negation: na kho indeed not Ja.ii.111; no ca khv’ āssa AN.v.195; mā kho Ja.i.253
■ Often combined with pana: na sakkhā kho pana “is it then not possible” Ja.i.151; api ca kho pana Ja.i.253; siyā kho pana DN.ii.154
■ Following other particles. esp. in aoristic narration: atha kho (extremely frequent); tatra kho; tâpi kho; api ca kho; evaṃ bhante ti kho; evaṃ byā kho Vin.iv.134; Dhp.i.27, etc-In interr. sentences it often follows nu: kin nu kho Ja.i.279; atthi nu kho Ja.iii.52; kahan nu kho Ja.i.255.

before vowels often khv’; contr. of khalu = Sk. khalu