to get wet, soiled or stained, to dirty oneself, be impure Iti.76 (of clothes, in the passing away of a deva) Thag.954 (kilisissanti, for kilissanti); Pts.i.130. Kilisseyya Dhp.158 (explained as nindaṃ labhati) to do wrong Cp. pari˚.

Sk. kliśyati = kliś or śliṣ to adhere, cp. P. kheḷa and silesuma or semha, Sk. śleṣma, slime. Same root as Gr. λείμας snail; Ags. slīm slime. Another, specifically Pali, meaning is that of going bad, being vexed with ref. to a heated state. This lies at the bottom of the Dhtp. (445) & Dhtm. (686) expln by upatāpe.