(only -˚) skill, cleverness, accomplishment; good quality
■ lakkhaṇa˚ skill in interpreting special signs Vv-a.138; aparicita˚ neglect in acquiring good qualities Pv-a.67. For foll. cp Mrs. Rh. D. Dhs. trsl. pp. 345–⁠348; āpatti˚ skill as to what is an offence; samāpatti˚ in the Attainments dhātu˚ in the Elements; manasikāra˚ proficiency in attention; āyatana˚ skill in the spheres; paṭiccasamuppāda˚ skill in conditioned Genesis; ṭhāna˚ and aṭṭhāna˚ skill in affirming (negating) causal conjuncture: all at DN.iii.212 and Dhs.1329–Dhs.1338; cp. AN.i.84, AN.i.94.

fem. abstr. fr. kusala