“being made up.”

  1. Work. The beginning of things was the work of Brahmā. The use of kutta implies that the work was so easy as to be nearer play than work, and to have been carried out in a mood of graceful sport. DN.iii.28
  2. behaviour, i.e. charming behaviour, coquetry Ja.ii.329, combined with līḷā (graceful carriage) Ja.i.296 Ja.i.433; and with vilāsa (charming behaviour) Ja.ii.127 Ja.iv.219, Ja.iv.472; itthi˚ and purisa˚ AN.iv.57 = Dhs.633 (expl. at Dhs-a.321 by kiriyā)

As adj. in kuttavāla well arranged, plaited tails DN.i.105 (explained at DN-a.i.274 as kappita-vāla; cp. kappita).

Der. fr. kattā = Sk. kṛtṛ as kṛttra = P. kutta, cp. Sk. kṛtrima artificial = P. kuttima, in caus
pass sense = kappita of kḷp)