adjective black, stained; in enumeration of colours at Dhs.617 (of rūpa) with nīla, pītaka, lohitaka odāta, k˚, mañjeṭṭha; of a robe AN.ii.241; f. kāḷikā Vv-a.103
■ (nt.) a black spot, a stain, also a black grain in the rice, in apagata˚ without a speck or stain (of a clean robe) DN.i.110 = AN.iv.186 = AN.iv.210 = AN.iv.213; vicita˚ (of rice) “with the black grains removed” DN.i.105; AN.iv.231; Mil.16; vigata˚; (same) AN.iii.49
■ A black spot (of hair) Ja.v.197 (= kaṇha-r-iva)
■ Fig. of character Dhp-a.iv.172.

fr. kāḷa