1. streak, line Vv-a.277 (= rāji); canda˚; crescent moon [cp. Epic candralekhā Mbh 3, 1831] Vism.168; Dhs-a.151.
  2. a scratch, line AN.i.283; Pp.32; Ja.vi.56 (lekhaṃ kaḍḍhati).
  3. writing, inscription, letter Vin.iii.76 (˚ṃ chindati destroy the letter); Ja.i.451 (on a phalaka); Mil.349 (˚ācariya teacher of writing); Pv-a.20 (˚paṇṇa, letter so read for likhā˚).
  4. the art of writing or drawing [= lipi Hemacandra], writing as an art. It is classed as a respectable (ukkaṭṭha) profession (sippa) Vin.iv.7; and mentioned by the side of muddā and gaṇanā Vin.iv.7, Vin.iv.128 = Vin.i.77; cp. Vin.iv.305.

fr. likh; Vedic lekhā. See also rekhā & lekha