Luḷati & Luṭati

to stir, shake, agitate, upset; intrs. to be in motion, to be stirred Mil.259 (calati khubbhati l. āvilati)
pp luḷita.

cp. Epic Sanskrit loṭh to move & dial.; luḍ, loḍayati, to stir, agitate, which is a by-form of lul lolati to move, Caus. lolayati to set in motion. Etym connected with Slavonic ljuljati to rock, Ags. lāēl a (flexible) rod, rood; root due to onomat. formation. Another form is luṭhati. The Dhtm (117) explains luṭ; by “loṭane” (cp. viloṭana & viloḷana), and; luḷ (510) by “manthane”