1. description, attribute, distinction Pv-a.7 (ukkaṭṭha˚) -vatthu object of distinction or praise DN.iii.253; AN.iv.15 (where reading is niddasa, which also as variant reading at DN.iii.253 & Ps; DN.i.5).
  2. descriptive exposition analytic explanation by way of question & answer interpretation, exegesis Vin.v.114 (sa˚); Ne.4, Ne.8 Ne.38 sq.; Vism.26; Dhs-a.54; Vv-a.78; Pv-a.71, Pv-a.147.
  3. Name of an old commentary (ascribed to Sāriputta) on parts of the Sutta Nipāta (Aṭṭhaka-vagga, interpreted in the Mahā-Niddesa; Pārāyana-vagga and, as a sort of appendix, the Khaggavisāṇa-sutta, interpreted in the Culla-Niddesa); as one of the canonical texts included in the Khuddaka Nikāya; editions in P.T.S. Quoted often in the Visuddhimagga, e.g. p. Vism.140, Vism.208 sq. etc.

Sk. nirdeśa, fr. niddisati, cp. desa, desaka etc.