going out, departure; issue, outcome, result; giving up, leaving behind being freed, escape (from saṁsāra), salvation. Vin.i.104 DN.iii.240 DN.iii.248f. SN.i.128 SN.i.142 SN.ii.5 SN.iii.170 (catunnaṁ dhātūnaṁ); SN.iv.7 sq. (identical); SN.v.121 sq. AN.i.258 AN.i.260 AN.ii.10 (kāmānaṁ etc.); AN.iii.245 sq.; AN.iv.76 (uttariṁ); AN.v.188 MN.i.87 (kāmānaṁ), MN.i.326 (uttariṁ); MN.iii.25 Iti.37 Iti.1 Pts.ii.180, Pts.244 Vb.247 Vism 116 Thag-a.233 Dhs-a.164 Sdhp.579.
■cp. nissaṭa & nissaraṇīya

  • -dassin wise in knowing results, prescient, able to find a way to salvation SN.iv.205;
  • -pañña (adj.) = ˚dassin DN.i.245 (a˚); DN.iii.46; SN.ii.194; SN.iv.332; AN.v.178 (a˚), AN.v.181 sq.; Mil.401.

Sk. niḥsaraṇa, to nis + sarati, cp. BSk. nissaraṇa nissaraṇa giving up (?) Avs.ii.193