adjective connected with deliverance, leading to salvation able to be freed. The 3 n. dhātuyo (elements of deliverance) are nekkhamma (escape from cravings) āruppa (from existence with form), nirodha (from all existence), in detail at Iti.61 (kāmānaṃ n. nekkhammaṃ rūpānaṃ n. āruppaṃ, yaṃ kiñci bhūtaṃ sankhataṃ n nirodho). The 5 n-dh. are escape fr. kāma, vyāpāda vihesā, rūpa, sakkāya: AN.iii.245; cp. AN.i.99 AN.iii.290.

Note. The spelling is often nissāraṇīya, thus at Vin.iv.225; DN.iii.239 (the five n-dhātuyo), DN.iii.247, DN.iii.275.

grd. of nissarati, with relation to nissaraṇa