adjective hanging on, dependent on, inhabiting; attached to, supported by, living by means of, relying on, being founded or rooted in, bent on As-˚ often in sense of a prep. = by means of, on account of, through, esp. with pron. kiṃ˚ (= why, through what Snp.458; taṃ˚ (therefore, on acct. of this) SN.iv.102. For combination with var. synonyms see Cnd. s.v. & cp. Mnd.75, Mnd.106
■ SN.ii.17 (dvayaṃ; cp. SN.iii.134); SN.iv.59, SN.iv.365, SN.v.2 sq., SN.v.63 sq.; AN.iii.128; Dhp.339 (rāga˚); Snp.752, Snp.798 Snp.910; Ja.i.145; Mnd.283; Pv.i.8#6 (sokaṃ hadaya˚ lying in), Pv.ii.6#6 (paṭhavi˚ supported by); Vb.229; Ne.39 (˚citta) Mil.314 (inhabiting); Pv-a.86 (māna˚)
anissita unsupported not attached, free, emancipated Snp.66, Snp.363 Snp.753, Snp.849, Snp.1069 (unaided); Ja.i.158; Mil.320, Mil.351
■ Cp apassita.

Sk. niśrita, pp. of nissayati, corresp. in meaning to Sk. āśrita