to turn back, to return (opp. gacchati), to turn away from, to flee, vanish, disappear Vin.i.46; DN.i.118; Ja.i.223; Ja.ii.153 Ja.iv.142; Snp.p.80; Pv.ii.9#34; Pv.iv.10#7; Snp-a.374; Pv-a.74 Pv-a.161. aor. nivatti Ja.ii.3; Pv-a.141. pp. nivatta (q.v.)
caus 1 nivatteti to lead back, to turn from, to make go back, to convert Ja.i.203; Vv-a.110; Pv-a.204 (pāpato from sin). Cp. upa˚, paṭi˚, vi˚
caus 2 nivattāpeti to send back, to return Pv-a.154.

Vedic nivartati, ni + vattati