to dress oneself, to put on (the undergarment), to get clothed or dressed. Freq in ster. phrase “pubbaṇhasamayaṃ nivāsetvā patta- cīvaram ādāya…,” describing the setting out on his round of the bhikkhu; e.g. DN.i.109, DN.i.178, DN.i.205, DN.i.226. Vin.i.46; Vin.ii.137, Vin.ii.194; DN.ii.127; Ja.i.265; Pp.56; Pv.i.10#3; Pv-a.49, Pv-a.61, Pv-a.75, Pv-a.127 (nivāsessati + pārupissati), Pv-a.147 (= pārupāmi)
caus 2 nivāsāpeti to cause or order to be dressed (with 2 acc.) Ja.i.50; Ja.iv.142; Dhp-a.i.223.

Caus. of nivasati1