adjective brought or come to an end, finished, accomplished; (made) ready, prepared (i.e. the preparations being finished) Vin.i.35; DN.i.109 (bhattaṃ: the meal is ready); DN.ii.127 (id.); Ja.i.255 (id.); Ja.ii.48; Ja.iii.537 (finished); Vv-a.188; Pv-a.81; & often at conclusion of books & chapters. aniṭṭhita not completed Dhp-a.iii.172
su˚; well finished, nicely got up, accomplished Snp.48, Snp.240. Cp. pari˚.

Sk. niṣṭhita (niḥṣṭhita), nis + ṭhita, cp. niṭṭhāti