(& nūnaṃ Dhs-a.164) indeclinable affirmative-dubitative particle with Pot or Ind., viz.

  1. (dubit.-interrog.) is it then, now, shall I etc. (= Lat. subjunctive, hortative & dubitative DN.i.155 (= Lat. num, cp. nu). Esp. freq. with rel pron. yaṃ = yaṃ nūna what if, shall I, let me (Lat. age) Snp.p.80 (yaṃ nūn’ âhaṃ puccheyyaṃ let me ask, I will ask); Ja.i.150, Ja.i.255; Ja.iii.393; Pv-a.5 (y. n. âhaṃ imassa avassayo bhaveyyaṃ = let me help him).
  2. (affirm.) surely, certainly, indeed Snp.1058 (api nūna pajaheyyuṃ); AN.v.194; Ja.i.60; Ja.v.90; Pv.ii.9#24 (nuna) Mil.20; Dhs-a.164; Pv-a.95 (nuna as variant reading; text reads nanda).

Ved. nūnaṃ = Gr. νύν, Lat. nunc (cp. num); Goth. nu, Ger. nun, cp. E. now See also nu