adjective separate, individual; usually acc. -ṃ adv. separately, individually, singly, by himself in his own heart DN.i.24 (yeva nibbuti viditā); DA on DN.ii.77 = attano attano abbhantare; MN.i.251, MN.i.337 (˚vedaniya Name of a purgatory), MN.i.422; SN.ii.199; SN.iii.54 sq., SN.iv.23, SN.iv.41 sq., SN.iv.168, SN.iv.539; Snp.611, Snp.906; Dhp.165; Pv.iii.10#6 (˚vedanā separate sufferings, = visuṃ visuṃ attanā anubhūyamānā mahādukkhavedanā Pv-a.214) Dhs.1044 (ajjhatta + ; trsld “self referable”); Mil.96 (˚purisa-kāra); Dhs-a.169; Vv-a.9, Vv-a.13; Pv-a.232.

  • -vacana expression of separate relation, i.e. case of reference, or of the direct object, reflexive case, Name of the acc. case Snp-a.303; Vv-a.281; Pv-a.30, Pv-a.35; Kp-a.213 Kp-a.236; in lieu of karaṇa Kp-a.213, of sāmin Snp-a.594.

paṭi + attan