adjective belonging to or connected with exertion, worthy of being pursued in cpd. -aṅga (nt.) a quality to be striven after, of which there are 5 expressed in the attributes of one who attains them as saddho, appābādho, asaṭho, āraddha-viriyo, paññavā DN.iii.237 = MN.ii.95, MN.ii.128 = AN.iii.65; referred to at Mil translation i.188. Besides these there is the set called pārisuddhi-padhāniy’ angāni and consisting either of 4 qualities (sīla˚, citta˚, diṭṭhi˚, vimutti˚) AN.ii.194, or of 9 (the four + kankhā-vitaraṇa˚, maggâmagga-ñāṇa paṭipadāñāṇa-dassana˚, ñāṇa-dassana˚ paññā˚) DN.iii.288; Pts.i.28.

fr. padhāna