to send; Pres. pahiṇati. Vin.iii.140 sq.; Vin.iv.18; Dhp-a.ii.243; aor. pahiṇi Ja.i.60 (sāsanaṃ); Ja.v.458 (paṇṇāni); Vv-a.67; Dhp-a.i.72 Dhp-a.ii.56, Dhp-a.ii.243; ger. pahiṇitva Vv-a.65
pp pahita2 (q.v.). There is another aor. pāhesi (Sk. prāhaiṣīt) in analogy to which a new pres. pāheti has been formed, so that pāhesi is now felt to be a der. fr. pāheti & accordingly is grouped with the latter. All other forms with he˚ (pahetuṃ e.g.) are to be found under pāheti.

pa + hi, Sk. hinoti