pakkhika FIXME double



  1. belonging or referring to the (2) lunar fortnights fortnightly, for a fortnight or in the (specified) fortnight of the month (cp. Vin. Texts iii.220). As one special provision of food mentioned in enumn of five bhojanāni, viz. niccabhatta, salākabhatta, pakkhika uposathika, pāṭipadika, Vin.i.58 = Vin.ii.175; Vin.iv.75; Ja.ii.210; Vism.66.
  2. (cp. pakkha 2 & pakkhin 2) contributing to, leading to, associated with, siding with (-˚) Vism.130, in phrase vighāta˚ anibbāna-saṃvattanika associated with destruction, etc. MN.i.115; Dhs-a.382 Also in mūga˚ leading to deafness Ja.i.45 (verse 254). Dhp-a.i.82 (paramattha-sacca˚).

for pakkhiya = Ved. pakṣya of pakkha1 3