adjective lit. “in front of the face,” fore-part, first, foremost, chief, prominent SN.i.234, SN.i.235; Snp.791 (variant reading BB and Mnd.92 for pamuñca); Ja.v.5, Ja.v.169. loc. pamukhe as adv. or prep. “before” SN.i.227 (asurindassa p.; variant reading sammukhe); Vism.120. As -˚ having as chief, headed by with NN at the head DN.ii.97; SN.i.79 (Pasenadi˚ rājāno) Pv-a.74 (setacchatta˚ rājakakudhabhaṇḍa); freq. in phrase Buddha˚ bhikkhusangha, e.g. Vin.i.213; Snp.p.111; Pv-a.19, Pv-a.20. Cp. pāmokkha.

pa + mukha, cp. late Sk. pramukha


eyebrow (?) only in phrase alāra˚ with thick eyebrows or lashes (but explained by C. as “visāl’ akkhigaṇḍa); Pv-a.189 (for aḷāra-pamha Pv.iii.3#5). Perhaps we should read pakhuma instead.

identical with pamukha1, lit. “in front of the face,” i.e. frontside, front