adjective full, complete, perfected, accomplished DN.i.75; DN.i.133; DN.iii.94; SN.ii.32; SN.iv.247; SN.v.269 (f. ˚ī); AN.ii.77; AN.v.10 sq.; Snp.205, Snp.1017; Pts.i.15, Pts.i.18, Pts.i.49 Pts.i.172; Pts.ii.122; Pp.35, Pp.36. -aparipūra not completed imperfect, incomplete AN.ii.77; AN.iv.314 sq.; AN.v.10 sq Iti.107; Pp.35, Pp.36.

  • -kāritā completion MN.i.64, MN.i.66 sq.
  • -kārin completing fulfilling, making complete, doing to the full MN.i.33 sq. MN.i.64; SN.v.201; AN.ii.136; AN.iii.215; AN.iv.380; AN.v.131 sq.; Pp.37; Mil.243.

pari + pṛ.