adjective spotted, only in cpd. -miga spotted antelope Ja.v.418 (variant reading pasada˚) The more freq. P. form is pasada˚; e.g. SN.ii.279 (gloss pasata˚); Ja.v.24, Ja.v.416;; Snp-a.82.

Vedic pṛṣant, f. pṛṣatī


neuter a small measure of capacity, a handful (seems to be applied to water only) Ja.i.101 (˚mattaṃ udakaṃ); Ja.iv.201 (udaka˚); Ja.v.382 (˚mattaṃ pānīyaṃ). Often redupl. pasataṃ pasataṃ “by handfuls” MN.i.245, Ja.v.164. At DN-a.i.298 it is closely connected with sarāva (cup), as denoting the amount of a small gift.

etym.? Late Sk. pṛṣat or pṛṣad a drop; cp. phusita1 rain-drop = pṛṣata; BR. under pṛṣant pasata1, but probably dialectical & Non-Aryan