at MN.i.518 is unexplained. The reading of this word is extremely doubtful at all passages. The vv ll. at MN.i.518 are pavudhā, pavujā, paṭuvā, *phutā, and the C. expln is pavuṭā = gaṇṭhikā (knot or block?). The identical passage at DN.i.54 reads paṭuvā (q.v.), with vv.ll. pamuṭā, pamuvucā, while DN-a.i.164 explains pacuṭā = gaṇṭhikā (vv.ll. pamuṭā, pamucā, papuṭā). Dial. i.72 reads pacuṭa, but leaves the word untranslated Franke, Dīgha, p. 58 ditto.