1. carried away (?), turned away, distracted, dismissed SN.iii.91 (bhikkhu-sangho p.).
  2. drawn forth, pulled out taken out DN.i.77 = Pts.ii.211 = Vism.406 (muñjamhā isīkā p.); (muñjā v’isikā p.).

apparently pp. of pavahati (pavāheti), but in reality pp. of pa + bṛh1, corresp. to Sk. prabṛdha (pravṛdha), cp. abbūlha & ubbahati (ud + ; bṛh1), but cp also ubbāḷha which is pp. of ud + bādh. At DN.i.77 (where variant reading pabbāḷha = pabūḷha, unexplained by Bdhgh it is synonymous with uddharati = ubbahati