1. yoked Snp.p.13 (= yottehi yojita Snp-a.137).
  2. applied, intent on, devoted to busy in (acc., loc., or-˚) Ja.v.121 (ajjhattaṃ); Pv.iii.7#10 (sāsane); Snp-a.497 (viññatti˚).
  3. applicable (either rightly or wrongly); as su˚ well-behaved, acting well Mil.328; by itself (in bad sense), wrongly applied wasted (cp. payuta) AN.ii.81 sq.; Snp.930 (see Mnd.389)
  4. planned, schemed, undertaken Vin.ii.194 (Deva dattena Bhagavato vadho p.).

pp. of payuñjati