refuge in (-˚), shelter, help, protection MN.i.295 (mano as p. of the other 5 senses), MN.iii.9; SN.iv.221; SN.v.218; AN.i.199 (bhagavaṃ˚); AN.ii.148 (sa˚ able to be restored); AN.iii.186 (kamma˚); AN.iv.158 AN.iv.351; AN.v.355; Ja.i.213;
appaṭisaraṇa (adj. without shelter, unprotected Vin.ii.153 (so read for appaṭiss˚)
Note. In meaning “restoration” the derivation is prob. fr paṭi + sṛ; to move (Sk. saraṇa and not saraṇa protection). Cp. paṭisāraṇiya.

paṭi + saraṇa1