stands in all probability for phalika-maya, made of crystal, as is suggested by context, which gives it in line with kaṭṭha-maya & loha-maya (& aṭṭhi˚ danta˚, veḷu˚ etc.). It occurs in same phrase at all passages mentioned, and refers to material of which boxes, vessels, holders etc. are made. Thus at Vin.i.203 (of añjani, box), Vin.i.205 (tumba, vessel); Vin.ii.115 (sattha-daṇḍa, scissors-handle), Vin.ii.136 (gaṇṭhikā, block at dress). The translation “made of fruits” seems out of place (so Kern,


s. v.), one should rather expect “made of crystal” by the side of made of wood, copper bone, ivory, etc.