adjective pleasant, comfortable; only neg. ; in phrase aphāsu-karoti to cause discomfort to (dat.) Vin.iv.290; and in compounds -kāma anxious for comfort, desirous of (others) welfare DN.iii.164; -vihāra comfort, ease Vin.ii.127; DN.i.204; Dhs.1348 = Mil.367 (cp. Dhs-a.404); Mil.14; Vism.33; Vb-a.270; Pv-a.12.

etym.? Trenckner, Notes 82 (on Mil.14#2: corr. J.P.T.S. 1908, 136 which refers it to Mil.13#2 suggests connection with Vedic prāśu enjoying, one who enjoys, i.e. a guest, but this etym. is doubtful; cp phāsuka. A key to its etym. may be found in the fact that it never occurs by itself in form phāsu, but either in composition or as ˚ka


at Mil.146 (cp. p. Mil.425) “bhaggā phāsū” is un certain reading, it is not phāsuka; it may represent a pāsa snare, sling. The likeness with phāsukā bhaggā (lit.) of Ja.i.493 is only accidental.