adjective pleasant, convenient, comfortable Ja.iii.343 Ja.iv.30; Dhp-a.ii.92; Pv-a.42
aphāsuka unpleasant uncomfortable, not well Ja.ii.275, Ja.ii.395; Dhp-a.i.28; Dhp-a.ii.21-Note. It seems probable that phāsuka represents a Sk. *sparśuka (cp. Pischel § 62), which would be a der fr. spṛś in same meaning as phassa2 (“lovely”). This would confirm the suggestion of phāsu being a secondary formation.

fr. phāsu. Cp. Prk. phāsuya; acc. to Pischel, Prk. Gr. § 208; Jain Sk. prāsuka is a distortion of P. phāsuka. Perhaps phāsu is abstracted from phāsuka