1. to protect, guard, watch, keep Snp.585; Ja.i.55; Ja.iv.127; Ja.vi.589; Mil.4 (paṭhavī lokaṃ pāleti, perhaps in meaning “keeps holds, encircles,” similar to meaning 2); Sdhp.33.
  2. (lit. perhaps “to see through safely”; for palāyati by false analogy) to go on, to move, to keep going in defn of carati as viharati, iriyati, vattati, pāleti yapeti, yāpeti at Cnd.237; Vb.252; Dhs-a.167. Cp pālana. So also in phrase atthaṃ pāleti (so read for paleti?) “to come home” i.e. to disappear Snp.1074 (see explained Cnd.28). See other refs. under palāyati. pp. pālita. See also abhi˚ & pari˚. A contracted (poetical) form is found as; pallate at Ja.v.242, explained by C. as pālayati (pālayate), used as Med

cp. (Epic) Sk. pālayati, fr.