Ruṇṇa & Roṇṇa

  1. (pp. crying, in combn ruṇṇa-mukha with tearful face (C. rudam˚); Mil.148.
  2. (nt.) weeping, crying lamentation Thag.554; AN.i.261; Snp.584 (+ soka); Pv.i.4#3; Mil.357. As roṇṇa at AN.iv.197, AN.iv.223; Thag.555; Ja.iii.166.

pp. of rudati for Sk. rudita, after analogy of other roots in-d, as tud → tunna, pad → panna, nud → nunna. The BSk. forms are both ruṇḍa (Mvu.ii.218, Mvu.ii.224) and ruṇṇa (Mvu.iii.116); Prk. ruṇṇa (Pischel § 566). See rudati & cp. āruṇṇa