lit. ascent, growth see *vi
■ fig. what has grown by custom tradition, popular meaning of a word (˚sadda). The fig. meaning is the one usually found in Pāli, esp. in Abhidhamma and Commentary literature; e.g. rūḷhiyaṃ by tradition, usually, commonly, Vb-a.1 (as category with the 3 other: rāsi, guṇa, paṇṇatti) rūḷhito id. Vb-a.2; rūḷhiyā id. Snp-a.430; Pv-a.163; also rūḷhi-vasena Vv-a.42; or with sadda: rūḷhi-sadda usual meaning Vism.333; Dhs-a.205; -saddena in popular language, in ordinary speech, customarily, commonly speaking Tikp.253; Vism.310; DN-a.i.239, DN-a.i.294: Snp-a.135 Snp-a.400.

fr. rūḷha, pp. of rohati, cp. Sk. rūḍhi