1. to be current, to be in use MN.i.40 (= kāya-vacī-dvāraṃ sampatta s. MN-a.182)
  2. to occur to, to befall, beset, assail MN.i.109, MN.i.112 MN.i.453; SN.ii.273; Iti.31; Vism.343.
  3. to behave towards to converse with (instr.), to address Vin.i.9; DN.ii.154 DN.ii.192; AN.iii.124, AN.iii.131; AN.iv.415, AN.iv.440; AN.v.103; Ja.i.192.
  4. to practise Ja.ii.33 (aor. ˚ācariṃsu).
  5. to claim, to boast of Vin.iii.91

pp samudāciṇṇa.

saṃ + ud + ācarati