indeclinable a deictic (seemingly pleonastic) particle in combination with demonstr. pronouns and adverbs; untranslatable, unless by “even, just,” e.g. tapassī sudaṃ homi, lūkha ssudaṃ [sic] homi etc. MN.i.77 = Ja.i.390; cp. itthaṃ sudaṃ thus Snp.p.59; tatra sudaṃ there Vin.i.4, Vin.i.34; Vin.iv.108; DN.i.87 DN.ii.91; Iti.15; api ssudaṃ DN.ii.264; SN.i.119; api sudaṃ SN.i.113; sā ssudam SN.ii.255.

= Vedic svid, influenced by sma: see su3