adjective exalting, praising (i.e. the 4 truths), as much as “standard. Kern,


ii.64, takes it to mean “condensed, given in brief.” Usually in phrase -ikā dhammadesanā (thus as f. of -aka !) e.g. Vin.i.16, Vin.i.18; Vin.ii.156; DN.i.110; MN.i.380; AN.iv.186; AN.v.194; DN-a.i.277 (explained); Thag-a.137; Pv-a.38 Pv-a.195; Vv-a.50. Only once with ñāṇa at Dhs-a.9.

fr. samukkaṃsati, cp. ukkaṃsaka. The BSk. is sāmutkarṣikī dharmadeśanā Divy.617