adjective both, twofold Snp.547, Snp.628, Snp.712, Snp.1106, Snp.1107, Snp.801 (˚ante); Mnd.109 (˚ante) Ja.i.52; Pv-a.11, Pv-a.24, Pv-a.35, Pv-a.51
■ nt. -ṃ as adv. in combn. with ca c’ûbhayaṃ following after 2nd. part of comprehension) “and both” for both-and; and also, alike, as well Dhp.404 (gahaṭṭhehi anāgārehi c’ûbhayaṃ with householders and houseless alike); Pv.i.6#9
Note. The form ubhayo at Pv.ii.3#10 is to be regarded as fem. pl. of ubho (= duve Pv-a.86).

  • -aṃsa lit. both shoulders or both parts, i.e. completely thoroughly, all round (˚-) in ˚bhāvita thoroughly trained DN.i.154 (cp. DN-a.i.312 ubhaya-koṭṭhāsāya bhāvito).

*ubha + ya, see ubho