1. pointing out, setting forth, proposition, exposition, indication, programme MN.iii.223 (u. uddiṭṭha), MN.iii.239; SN.iv.299; Snp-a.422.
  2. explanation SN.v.110 sq.; sa-uddesa (adj.) with (the necessary) expln. point by point, in detail, DN.i.13, DN.i.81; DN.iii.111; AN.iii.418; Iti.99; Cnd.617#1.
  3. samaṇuddesa one marked as a Samaṇa, a novice (cp. sāmaṇera) DN.i.151; MN.iii.128; AN.iv.343; uddesa-bhatta special or specified food Vin.i.58 = Vin.i.96, cp. Vin.ii.175, propounding, recitation, repetition Vin.i.50 = Vin.ii.228 (uddesena paripucchāya ovādena by recitation questioning & advice); Vin.ii.219 (˚ṃ dadāti to hold a recitation + paripucchaṃ d); AN.iv.114 (+ paripucchā), AN.v.50 sq. (pañho, u. veyyākaraṇaṃ); Cnd.385#2 (+ paripucchā); Ja.i.116; Mil.257 (+ paripucchā). ek’uddesa a single repetition Vin.iii.47; AN.iii.67, AN.iii.180; Mil.10, Mil.18.

fr. uddisati