at DN-a.i.266 (udāyissati fut.) is hardly correct; DN.i.96 has here udrīyissati (q.v.), which belongs to darati to break, tear etc., udāyati could only belong to dāyāti meaning to cut, mow, reap. but not to split etc. DN-a.i.266 explains udāyissati with bhijjhissati. The difficulty is removed by reading udrīyissati. To variant reading undriyati cp. ˚undriya for ˚uddaya (dukkh˚ for dukkhudraya see udraya). We find udāyati once more at Vism.156 in expln. of ekodi where it is evidently meant for udeti (Caus. = uṭṭhapeti).