Unnala & Unnaḷa

adjective showing off, insolent, arrogant, proud, haughty in phrase uddhata unnaḷa capala MN.i.32; SN.i.61 = SN.i.204 (translated as “muddled in mind, puffed up, vain”, expld. as uggata-nala uddhaṭa-tuccha-māna K. S. 318); AN.i.70, AN.i.266 AN.ii.26; AN.iii.199, AN.iii.355, AN.iii.391; Iti.113 (+ asamāhita); Dhp.292 (+ pamatta; expld. as “māna-naḷaṃ ukkhipitvā caraṇena unnala” Dhp-a.iii.452); Thag.634; Pp.35 (= uggatanaḷo tuccha-mānaṃ ukkhipitvā ti attho Pp-a 217).

Bdhgh. has ud + nala; but it is either a dissimilated form for *ullala (n → l change freq. cp. P. nangala → lāngala; nalāṭa → lalaṭa) from ud + lal to sport, thus meaning “sporting, sporty, wild” etc.; or (still more likely) with Kern,


s. v. a dial. form of unnata P. uṇṇata, although the P. Commentators never thought of that. Cp. with this the BSk. unnata in same stock phrase uddhata unnata capala Mvu.i.305, and the Marathic Prk. mula = Sk. mṛta, Pischel, Gr. § 244 To these may be added P. celakedu → cetakedu Ja.vi.538