1. taking, acquiring; obtaining, taking upon oneself, undertaking DN.ii.49; MN.i.93; AN.iii.65; Dhp.183 (cp. Dhp-a.iii.236) Ne.44 (kusalassa).
  2. (in special sense) taking up the bhikkhuship, higher ordination, admission to the privileges of recognized bhikkhus [cp. BSk. upasampad ˚padā Divy.21, Divy.281 etc.] Vin.i.12, Vin.i.20, Vin.i.95, Vin.i.146 and passim; Vin.iii.15; Vin.iv.52; DN.i.176, DN.i.177, DN.i.202; SN.i.161; AN.iv.276 sq. & passim; Dhp-a.ii.61 (pabbajjā +); Pv-a.54 (laddh one who has received ordination), Pv-a.179 (id.).

fr. upa + saṃ + pad