this word is beset with difficulties, the phrase satt-ussada is applied in all kinds of meanings, evidently the result of an original application & meaning having become obliterated satt˚ is taken as *sapta (seven) as well as *sattva (being), ussada as prominence, protuberance, fulness arrogance. The meanings may be tabulated as follows

  1. prominence (cp. Sk. utsedha), used in characterisation of the Nirayas, as “projecting, prominent hells”, ussadanirayā (but see also below 4) Ja.i.174; Ja.iv.3, Ja.iv.422 (pallankaṃ, variant reading caturassạṃ, with four corners); Ja.v.266
    ■ adj prominent Thag-a.13 (tej-ussadehi ariyamaggadhammehi, or as below 4?).
  2. protuberance, bump, swelling Ja.iv.188 also in phrase sattussada having 7 protuberances, a qualification of the Mahāpurisa DN.iii.151 (viz. on both hands, feet, shoulders, and on his back).
  3. rubbing in, anointing, ointment; adj. anointed with (-˚), in candan˚ Ja.iii.139; Ja.iv.60; Thag.267; Vv.53#7; Dhp-a.i.28; Vv-a.237.
  4. a crowd adj. full of (-˚) in phrase sattussada crowded with (human beings) DN.i.87 (cp. DN-a.i.245: aneka-satta-samākiṇṇa; but in same sense BSk sapt- otsada Divy.620, Divy.621); Pv.iv.1#8 (of Niraya = full of beings, expld. by sattehi ussanna uparûpari nicita Pv-a.221.
  5. qualification, characteristic, mark, attribute, in catussada “having the four qualifications (of a good village)” Ja.iv.309 (viz. plenty of people, corn, wood and water C.). The phrase is evidently shaped after DN.i.87 (under 4). As “preponderant quality, characteristic” we find ussada used at Vism.103 (cf. Asl.267) in combns. lobh˚, dos˚, moh˚, alobh˚ etc. (quoted from the “Ussadakittana”), and similarly at Vv-a.19 in Dhammapāla’s definition of manussa (lobh’ādīhi alobh’ādīhi sahitassa manassa ussannatāya manussā), viz. sattā manussa-jātikā tesu lobh’ ādayo alobh’ādayo ca ussadā.
  6. (metaph.) self-elevation, arrogance, conceit, haughtiness Vin.i.3; Snp.515, Snp.624 (an˚ = taṇhā-ussada-abhāvena Snp-a.467), Snp.783 (expld. by Mnd.72 under formula sattussada; i.e. showing 7 bad qualities, viz. rāga, dosa, moha etc.), Snp.855
    ■ See also ussādana, ussādeti etc.

most likely to ud + syad; see ussanna