wolf, only in poetry Snp.201; Ja.i.336; Ja.ii.450; Ja.v.241, Ja.v.302.

Vedic vṛka, Idg. *ṷI̊qṷo = Lat. lupus, Gr. λύκος, Lith. vilkas, Goth. wulfs = E. wolf etc.


indeclinable : a root vak is given at Dhtp.7 & Dhtm.8 in meaning “ādāne,” i.e. grasping, together with a root kuk as synonym. It may refer to vaka1 wolf, whereas kuk would explain koka wolf. The notion of voraciousness is prevalent in the characterization of the wolf (see all passages of vaka1, e.g. Ja.v.302).