underwood, brushwood, thicket. Does not occur in lit meaning, except in exegesis of Dhp.283 at Dhp-a.iii.424 q.v. under vana1. Another defn is given at Snp-a.24 “taṇhā pariyuṭṭhāna-vasena vanaṃ tanotī ti vanatho taṇh’ ānusayass’ etaṃ adhivacanaṃ.”-The fig. meaning is “lust, desire,” see e.g. SN.i.186; Thag.338; Dhp.344; Snp.16 (˚ja); Dhs.1059 (as epithet of taṇhā); Ja.ii.205 (vanathaṃ na kayirā); Ne.81, Ne.82
nibbanatha free from desire SN.i.180; Dhs-a.364.

vana + tha; same in BSk. e.g. Mvu.i.204