to be drawn away, to be distracted or alienated (from); so is to be read at all passages, where it is either combined with avakassati or stands by itself The readings are: Vin.ii.204 (apakāsanti avapakāsanti = AN.v.74 (avakassanti vavakassanti); AN.iii.145 (bhikkhu n’ âlaṃ sanghamhā ‘vapakāsituṃ: read vavakāsituṃ or ˚kassituṃ), AN.iii.393 (vapakassat’ eva Satthārā, vapakassati garuṭṭhāniyehi). See also apakāsati, avakassati, avapakāsati
pp vavakaṭṭha.

v + ava + kṛṣ, would correspond to Sk. vyavakṛṣyate, Pass.