doubt, perplexity, uncertainty (one of the nīvaraṇas) DN.i.246; DN.iii.49, DN.iii.216, DN.iii.234 DN.iii.269; SN.i.99; SN.iii.106 sq. (dhammesu v. doubt about the precepts); SN.iv.350; AN.iii.292, AN.iii.438; AN.iv.68, AN.iv.144 sq.; AN.v.144; Snp.343, Snp.437, Snp.540; Vv.81 (= soḷasa-vatthuka-vicikicchā Vv-a.317); Ja.ii.266; Pp.59; Vb.168, Vb.341, Vb.364; Dhs.425; Ne.11; Tikp.108, Kp.122, Kp.152 sq., Kp.171, Kp.255, Kp.275 Duka-pa.170 sq., Kp.265 sq., Kp.289 sq.; Vism.471 (= vigatā cikicchā ti v. etc.), Vism.599 sq.; Vb-a.209; Vv-a.156; MN-a 116; Sdhp.459
■ As adj. (-˚) vicikiccha, e.g. tiṇṇa˚; one who has overcome all doubt DN.i.71, DN.i.110; MN.i.18; AN.ii.211; AN.iii.92; AN.iii.297 sq.; AN.iv.186; AN.iv.210
■ See also Cpd. 242; Dhs. trsl. § 425 n. 1; and cp. kathankathā, kicchati vecikicchin.

fr. vicikicchati