1. to investigate, examine, discriminate SN.i.34 (yoniso vicine dhammaṃ); AN.iv.3 sq (id.); Snp.658, Snp.933; Tha-ap.42;; Mnd.398; Ne.10 Ne.22 (grd. vicetabba), Ne.25 sq.; Mil.298; Dpvs.iv.2; Dhs-a.147; Pv-a.140; Sdhp.344
    ger viceyya discriminating; with discrimination DN.ii.21 (doubled: with careful discrimn); DN.iii.167 (˚pekkhitar); Snp.524 sq.; usually in phrase viceyya-dāna a gift given with discrimination SN.i.21; AN.iv.244; Ja.iv.361; Ja.v.395; Pv.ii.9#72; Dhp-a.iii.221; Mhvs.5, Mhvs.35.
  2. to look for, to seek, to linger to choose Pv.iii.6#4 (aor. vicini = gavesi C.); Pv.iv.1#42 (ger viceyya = vicinitvā Pv-a.240); Ja.i.419

■ See also pacinati.

vi + cināti